What I am Loving Lately

I thought about naming this post “What I’m Loving Wednesday” but with a name like Auburn Artisan and reoccurring posts called Fashion Friday, I figured that I have used enough alliterations for now.  But maybe I will keep that idea in my back pocket for another day. 😉 Anyhoo, here are some links of my favorite things right now!

  • Ian has been wanting to visit Austin for a while now, and I love that Sam mapped out all the fun (and colorful) places to visit! I will definitely keep this handy for when we get to go one day!
  • Ian and I are currently saving up for a home of our own and all I do is worry that we are going to be house poor!  We both love to go on adventures and live our lives (outside of the home) so this is a big stressor when perusing homes on Zillow.  Of course I want my dream home, but I think I would rather have money for more life experiences if it came down to deciding between the two.  This post helped ease my mind a bit, and gave a little insight into how to be smart when house shopping and I love the debt to income ratio calculator to help determine what we really can afford!
  • These pens are just too good.
  • Check out this colorful little DIY!!  Reminds me a lot of a DIY that will be hitting my blog next week.. wink wink!
  • Really wanting to sign up for a Bark Box subscription for Indigo, even though he is totally in the destroy-everything phase right now..  Have any of you subscribed to this?
  • Stumbled upon Ash+Chess on Instagram and love their artwork!  I will definitely be buying this print when we get a place!
  • Found my dream store to shop.  Now I am just sitting over here waiting until the day that I am rich and I am able to buy everything!
  • This blog helped me plan out our entire Ireland itinerary, and I cannot wait!!!!  Only just shy of 3 months left until we are there!


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