What I am loving lately

Ian and I just got back from our anniversary trip, and you guys… it was amazing!  There is nothing more refreshing than taking some time to get away from it all and spend some quality time with your best friend!  And when you have a reason to celebrate, it makes the trip that much more special!

I know I have been keeping what we did/where we went a secret (just because I want it to be a surprise!) but keep your eyes peeled, because this Sunday I will reveal it all!!!

While, we are excited we were able to take our trip together, now we are scrambling around because WE ARE MOVING!!  THIS WEEKEND!! (Great time to take a trip, huh?)

In the next year, Ian and I are wanting to make some major life changes, and buying a house is one of our top priorities!  Currently, we are living in an apartment where we are paying money each month toward something we will never own.  Not only are we tired of paying toward something that is not ours, we are wasting away money that we could be saving for our dream home.  So we decided (along with my parents) that the best plan of action is to move back in with my parents for the time being to save, save, save!

Ian and I had lived with my parents previously, and made it work, so we know that this decision is the best possible for getting us on track with where we want to be a year from now.  The only issue now is, we are coming from a 2 bedroom 900 sq ft apartment, to one relatively small bedroom.  So that is going to be quite a challenge.  I mean finding space for my clothes and shoes alone will definitely be a difficult task.  But I am up for the challenge, if that means buying a house in the near future!

Although now I have de-clutter and get rid of some of my “unneeded” belongings, it doesn’t stop me from looking at the things I need (or at least think I need) to buy this fall!  Here is my list of all the things I am loving lately:


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